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ketamine infusion therapy

Ketamine Infusion Therapy: A Promising Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health disorders worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, depression affects over 264 million people, while anxiety affects over 284 million. These conditions can cause significant impairment in an individual’s quality of life and lead to other health issues such…
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Is Neuropathic Pain Chronic?

Like many kinds of pain, neuropathic pain has several potential causes and ways that it could be treated. When conventional treatments don’t work and the pain is chronic, the situation can get scary. But the more you know about your condition, the better you can seek out treatment options. When…
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How To Deal With Anxiety & Depression

Mental health can be a slippery slope. Many people have to worry about food, housing, stable employment, money, our health, their families – so many things clog our brains that we sometimes lose control of daily life. It can be easy to lose track of how we’re doing internally. While…
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Types of Depression

Being sad is a normal and healthy response to certain difficult situations. Even the occasional low mood can be a part of the richness of life. Sadness can even help one persevere through a difficult situation where happiness may lead to distraction. However, when sadness no longer has an identifiable…
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What Triggers Restless Legs Syndrome?

When you sit down, do you have a hard time keeping your legs still? Is your sleep disrupted by tingling sensations or an uncontrollable urge to move? If this sounds like you, you may be suffering from restless legs syndrome.  What is Restless Leg Syndrome? Restless legs syndrome (RLS) causes…
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Chronic Pain Syndrome Vs. Fibromyalgia

Many people with pain conditions experience discomfort for months or years, resolving to just deal with it and go about their lives. Sometimes their pain has a definitive cause; other times not. But treating any kind of pain means knowing what you’re dealing with. Two well-known pain conditions are chronic…