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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Ketamine? For some of us, we’ve not even heard of it, while for many others, you probably have heard of it, but have a faint idea of what it is. We’ll be exploring the world of ketamine and how important it is in the treatment of mental health disorders.

Ketamine is a therapy for common mental health disorders when other forms of treatment have failed to work. Ketamine treatments in Pasadena are commonly given through an IV infusion which affects last for weeks. Using depression as an example, ketamine is usually administered in a tapering order whereby the patients are given the IV solution three times in the first week, twice in the second week, and once a week for the next three weeks. They continue the ketamine therapy as maintenance of once per month subsequently.

Ketamine therapy is also indicated in cases of mood disorders such as bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. However, it’s contraindicated for patients with mania, psychosis, and underlying cardiovascular disease. The treatment is not used for children under sixteen years. Ketamine is the safest most widely used treatment which is FDA approved for anesthetic purposes but has shown to be more remarkable for the treatment of mood disorders even beyond the FDA-approved antidepressants.

Ketamine Treatment For Mood Disorders And Chronic Pain in Pasadena

In this guide, we’ll be talking about the therapeutic effects of ketamine on common mental health disorders, methods of administration, its side effects, and overall success so far. Below are the common disorders that ketamine has proven to be very effective in their management.

Ketamine For Depression

Ketamine came to light when other antidepressant treatments fail to be effective on a long term basis for people struggling with depression. Also, with the many side-effects that come alongside this first-line treatment. Ketamine therapy for depression, however, has proven to relieve some of these individuals that have previously tried other treatment options for depression. Low dose ketamine infusion helps patients with depression overcome their depression symptoms faster and more effectively when compared to other forms of treatments. Some patients with depression who have even been tagged as treatment-resistant show excellent response to IV ketamine infusion therapy, because it works very effectively and fast with no long-term side effects. Most antidepressants take a long time to reach therapeutic levels and consequently for the effects to be felt. Sometimes for months, and they come with varying drug combinations and dosages that make it complicated for the patient. However, the ketamine therapy infusion for depression starts to take effects within hours of administration, and there is usually a drastic relief for patients within 1-2 days after the second administration. You should also know that the ketamine therapy comes in the form of an IV solution and does not have the various side effects seen in antidepressants like insomnia, weight gain, loss of libido, nausea, dry mouth, and thoughts of suicide. Ketamine therapy might be exactly what you need.

Ketamine For Anxiety

Asides from depression, ketamine treatments in Pasadena, CA, have also shown to be very effective in the treatment of individuals with anxiety disorders, and they don’t have to deal with the side effects gotten from mood disorder drugs. People with anxiety disorders have talked about the calming effect and relief that they receive while taking the ketamine infusions in a short time after the administration. Unlike other management plans that take a long time and frequent monitoring, ketamine infusion therapy has a short schedule, and patients get relief within a few days of treatment. The patient is also able to do away with other medications that they’re required to take regularly, and they feel more alive to carry about their Job with excitement. Ketamine has shown to be the best treatment for anxiety in Pasadena.

Ketamine For PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a challenging mental health disorder to live with. However, studies have shown the effectiveness of ketamine in the management of these sets of patients. Post-traumatic stress which is experienced by war veterans, victims that had undergone a form of abuse at one time or another leading to some changes in the brain chemistry that could cause some sort of anxiety, fear, depression, emotional detachment, and a list of other symptoms that affects their mental health. The effects of PTSD negatively impacts the individual’s life in many ways, including their personal and professional lives and also their relationship with people. Ketamine therapy works to balance their mood and alleviate PTSD symptoms. Ketamine provides relief for most of the PTSD symptoms without the associated side effect that comes with antidepressant treatments. The short half-life of the medication causes the effect to be felt faster than the conventional medications used for the disorder and causes a significant change in the brain chemistry within hours of administration. This makes ketamine a top choice for psychiatrists while dealing with the disorder.

Ketamine For Chronic Pain

Apart from mental health disorders, ketamine therapy is also used for patients with chronic pain especially neuropathic pain due to its analgesic and sedative effects. Ketamine has proven to be effective. Ketamine is used for two categories of patients that have chronic pain; they include individuals whose chronic pain is not responsive to other forms of treatment plans and patients with chronic pain that are about to be operated on. If you fall under any of these two categories, ketamine is your best bet!

Ketamine For OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, what we all know as OCD. How effective is ketamine treatment for OCD? Low dose Ketamine Infusion has been discovered to be very helpful for patients with OCD. By lifting their anxiety and a low mood, it relieves compulsive behaviors and obsessive thoughts allowing patients to live a healthy life without the fear of the side effect of other conventional medications. If you are wondering if there’s a ketamine treatment near me, contact us today at the Pasadena Ketamine Infusion center.

Is Ketamine Treatment Right For You?

Most patients are always concerned about the safety of ketamine, the side effect, how to get ketamine treatment centers near me? Where the various ketamine centers are located? What will happen during the procedure? At the Pasadena IV clinic, we’ve got the state of the art facility, you can always contact us through our email address. Many new patients are also concerned about how painful or painless the procedure is and other details of the treatment. We’re all out for the comfort of our patients and our ever compassionate and well-trained staff at Southern California Infusions in Pasadena, CA, are dedicated to giving you the very best experience. Whatever treatment you’re seeking, either for depression, chronic pain, mood disorders, PTSD, at the Pasadena clinic, we ensure you receive the best treatment possible from experienced hands. Contact us today and book an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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